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Veterinarian Education

Our clinic is dedicated to furthering our education in order to provide quality and progressive services to our producers. 
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Lung Ultrasound

Sterner Veterinary Livestock Professionals had a specialist come in and meet with all of our doctors to train them how to diagnose lung lesions via ultrasound.  This process helps with early detection of pneumonia acting as a tool for producers to assess and manage their calves.


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Liver Biopsies


A field veterinarian from Multimin instructed our veterinarians on how to perform liver biopsies on cattle. This allows us to assess the mineral status within the herd and troubleshoot any issues. 

Producer Education

Client education is important to us. 

We host producer education meetings and training opportunities based on topics requested by our clients.


Beef and dairy producers joined SVLP and Multimin for separate discussions on importance on mineral status within their herds. They explained the benefits of using Multimin in conjunction with a proper mineral program. 

Multimin Beef.jpg
Dairy Multimn.jpg
Beef Multimin.jpg


Elanco provided an educational speaker on fly control and the benefits of using cattle implants. The presentation focused on the importance of proper placement and cleanliness while inserting implants in cattle. Clients were able to apply correct technique during a hands-on wet lab at the clinic.

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